There are hundreds of resources online for go players of every strength - check out some of the links below to learn more about the game, the players, the culture, and the worldwide go community.

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Go is an ancient two-player board game based on simple rules that lead to immense strategic and aesthetic complexity. Also known as weiqi (China), baduk (Korea), or igo (Japan), Go combines the tactical intensity of chess with abstract, global judgment to make an exceptionally challenging and rewarding game. To learn how to play, take a look at the basics.

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Tutorial and Introduction

Improving at Go

  • Sensei's Library [30k-5d] - one of the most comprehensive go references ever!
  • GoGameGuru [10k-5d+]- keep up to date with professional tournaments. Has game reviews of recent professional games.
  • BadukTV [10k-5d+]- Streaming and recorded Korean Go TV, with english subtitles.
  • BadukMovies - Extensive library of video lessons.
  • Haylee's Go channel [1d+]- Live self-game commentary by Korean professional.
  • [1d+]- keep pace with professional play or use the sophisticated study materials here.
  • [1d+]- with a professional game collection in the thousands.
  • IgoKisen - up to date results and brackets for professional tournaments.

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