UMD wins CGL S4! Game review by Gansheng Shi 1p

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University of Maryland wins the CGL Season Four Championships!

On Sunday April 25, 2015, University of Maryland won the CGL Season Four Championships! All three boards were very closely contested. An hour and a half into the championship match, UCLA had won board 2 and UMD had won board 3. The game came down to a nailbitingly close board 1 game in which several groups came magically back alive on both sides.


Gansheng Shi 1p broadcast a live review of the board 1 game on KGS. If you missed it, you can find the review below! 

As always, the full results can be found at

UCLA (1 - 2) University of Maryland
  1. [sgf] [view] Chenyi Zhu, 6d (B) vs. Justin Teng, 6d (W)
  2. [sgf] [view] Chaohao Pan, 4d (W) vs. Roy Zhang, 4d (B)
  3. [sgf] [view] Aobo Zhang, 4d (W) vs. Zhangqi, 3d (B)

Justin Teng vs Chenyi Zhu


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