Game Reviews: UMD vs UMinnesota and UMichigan vs. UCLA

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First - Congratulations for UMD and UCLA for defeating their opponents this past Saturday! 

As always, the full results can be found at

University of Minnesota (1 - 2) University of Maryland
  1. [sgf] [view] Yanqing Sun, 4d (W) vs. Justin Teng, 5d (B)
  2. [sgf] [view] Li Fei, 4d (B) vs. Roy Zhang, 4d (W)
  3. [sgf] [view] Xiaoyu Wang, 3k (W) vs. Zhangqi, 3d (B)
University of Michigan (1 - 2) UCLA
  1. [sgf] [view] Zifan Yang, 7d (B) vs. Bowen Chen, 7d (W)
  2. [sgf] [view] Eric Haengel, 2k (B) vs. Izuki Matsuda, 5d (W)
  3. [sgf] [view] Zhixun Zhao, 5d (B) vs. Yiming Zhang, 4d (W)

Gansheng Shi 1p kindly gave a live review of the top boards from each match. In case you missed it, you can still see both of the reviews below.

Zifan Yang  vs Bowen Chen:



Justin Teng vs. Yanqing Sun




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