The American Collegiate Go Association is a national network of schools and students dedicated to strengthening the American Go community.

In July 2011, eleven college students from the U.S. attended the first ever Shanghai Ing Foundation China Summer Go Camp. The team experienced Chinese culture first-hand and played friendly matches with students at Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Beijing Normal University, and Fudan University.

Inspired by strong culture of Go in China, the American Collegiate Go Association was conceived in 2011 by those very students to spread the magic of Go in the United States.

Until the founders met each other, they didn't know about other university Go clubs. There were no intercollegiate events, and existing lists of clubs were horribly out of date. By hosting tournaments and providing guidance, we believe we can link college clubs together to spur the rapid growth of Go in the United States, contributing to the worldwide Go community

Our current project is the Collegiate Go League, a new online tournament for college Go clubs in North America. We hope that by encouraging friendly competition between clubs, we can foster a sense of Go community and help address the unique challenges and advantages of college go clubs.

Our goals:


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