The 2015 Changqi Cup will be a public Go event held at Harvard University in Boston, MA, hosted jointly by the Shanghai Ing Foundation (ING) and the American Collegiate Go Association (ACGA) on Fri-Mon, 25-28 September 2015.

The event will consist of two parts:

Professional matches

The Changqi Cup itself is an annual Chinese professional tournament. This year, the sponsors have arranged to hold the semi-finals of the tournament here in Boston over two days (three if necessary depending o). This will be the first time an official professional tournament round has ever been held on US soil. Four of the strongest players in the world, accompanied by a delegation of officials and reporters, will compete for upwards of $100,000.

American Chang Qi Cup + Go Activities for the public

In addition to the pro matches, which will be broadcast with live commentary at the event, there will be a myriad of other Go activities open to the public. The highlight will be a five-round American Changqi tournament, with generous cash prizes in all divisions, simultaneous teaching games with pros, and other activities.

To help this landmark event run smoothly, the ACGA is looking for 6 college students to help organize it. As an organizer, your travel to and from the event will be reimbursed upon your arrival, and room and board will be covered for two nights (25-26 Sept, Fri and Sat nights). You will be invited to the VIP banquet along with the visiting Chinese delegation, get behind-the-scenes access to professional players, and work with other students from around the country and the current leadership of the ACGA.


Possible roles for organizers:

  1. Go Equipment Coordinator – Manage with the different groups bringing Go equipment to make sure we have enough sets and everything arrives on site. (Requires coordination in advance of the event).
  2. Technical Equipment Coordinator – Setting up and running the projector, sound system, misc. equipment.
  3. The Architect – You design the arrangement of the main rooms, and manage the set-up of tables, chairs, etc., to accommodate the American Chang Qi Cup and various activities.
  4. Advertising and Outreach (this is a job leading up to the event).
  5. Food & Drink – Coffee and tea, snacks, drinks, etc. Your task is to design and purchase an amazing spread of snacks, keep the event stocked, and coordinate with the person doing lunch catering on Saturday and Sunday of the event.
  6. Saturday Night Event Planner – On Saturday night, after the VIP banquet, we'll go out on the town with other college students and some of the pros, for a fun social event (TBD). You will be in charge of arranging and managing this event.
  7. Broadcasting – For the first time ever, a major US Go event will be streamed live online! We'll need someone to set up the stream on and at least one person to help do live commentary of the goings on for the fans. In addition, this person will manage the game recorders and make sure the games are relayed properly on the KGS Go Server.
  8. Registrar – Doing pre-registration before the event, running the registration booth, and coordinating with the tournament director. This includes managing volunteers who will help staff the registration and teaching booth during the weekend.



  • You must be currently enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate program in the United States (continental) or Canada.
  •  Available to arrive at the Harvard campus in Boston no later than 4pm on Friday, 25 Sept, and stay through Sunday afternoon, 27 Sept.
  • Ready to give it your all and work together to pull off the greatest Go event in US history!

Note: due to this event's full schedule, organizers will not be able to compete in the five-round American Changqi tournament.


The deadline to apply is June 15.

Fill out the form below to apply; decisions will be announced by July 15. Players of all playing strengths and experience will be considered!


2015 Chang Qi Cup Organizer Application